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My Bendix Model 110 is listed in Rider's Volume 18.

You can jump straight to the Bendix 110 info and download it for free at Schematic or you can see the whole list of what's available there at their Home Page

Phil's Old Radios

Possibly the oldest antique radio web site on the internet. Phil has tons of great articles on how he restored vintage sets.There's lots of good info there, especially for newcomers to the hobby.

It is no coincidence that my restoration articles have a similar look and feel as Phil's. I love his site. If you do some exploring there, you'll be lost for days! Phil's Old Radios

Parts Resources

Usually, all an old tube radio needs to come back to life is a replacement of the old electrolytic and paper capacitors. A great source for these at good prices is WJOE Radio

Old Radio Restorations

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Bendix Model 110

The second radio I restored was made by Bendix Aviation Corporation -- a model 110. There was a lot of things that I liked about the radio. Its art deco styling is hard to resist and also, my dad worked for Bendix Aviation for many years. He worked here in South Bend on jet fuel controls, but it is still fun to see the Bendix name on a radio from the 40's. I knew my dad would get a kick out of seeing it.

The radio arrived dirty and with a cracked dial scale. -- something that is quite common with this model and other similar Bendix radios with a curved plastic dial scale.

I could have purchased a replica replacement, but I decided to try scanning the damaged scale with a computer scanner. I cleaned up the image with a photo editing program, printed a new scale on photo paper and installed it back in the radio between two pieces of plastic. I think it turned out pretty good!

Here are before and after shots of the radio, with a closeup of the scale.

Before Before
After After

Here I've provided before and after images of the dial scale itself. Click on the image for a full size view that you can download. Any fellow radio restorers are welcome to use the "after" image to fix up your own radio. You might want to play with the coloring a bit. Printers vary and you might prefer a bit different tint. For some reason, the "after" pictures of my radio make the dial scale look lighter and not as yellow as the original. I think that is due to the lighting used since the dials look very close to the same in person, It wouldn't be too tough to touch up the "after" image on the printer to change the hue and print out a new one to install in the radio.

Before After

The chassis restoration for this radio was pretty straightforward. I replaced all the old paper capacitors and electrolytics, cleaned up the controls, and it played nicely.

While putting the finishing touches on this radio, I was delighted to hear the sounds of an old favorite by the Artie Shaw band coming from the radio! It was a magical moment and I felt as if I and my workshop had been transported back in time to when my Bendix radio was new. In actuality, I had stumbled across CHWO in Toronto on 740 kHz AM. They play lots of old music. My favorite show is the one I discovered while working on my Bendix radio - Big Band Sunday Night with George Jonescu. If you like big band swing music, give it a listen!

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