My Longest Run Ever!

Posted: Mar 1, 2003 2:24 PM

This morning I headed out into the 32F cold for my planned 13 mile run. In my late 20's I once ran a half marathon. I recall that it was hot and humid and was my least enjoyable race ever. Back then I was much speedier and my "awful" time was 1:51 :-).

I had to fight myself to keep the pace slow. I knew I would feel it later if I started too fast. I headed north and did some exploring (I love the freedom my Timex GPS gives). I headed up past the high school athletic complex where my son Scott will be playing baseball in a few weeks, continued north past St. Pat's County Park, across the state line into Michigan and checked out Madeline Bertrand Park on the north side of the border. How many of the rest of you can easily run in two states during your runs? Both parks have trails that I hope to run on later this Spring. They were too snow-covered today.

I settled into a 10 minute pace after 6 miles or so. I felt a few little aches and pains. As the miles went by the pains settled into a dull ache over my whole lower half - not bad but I could tell I was doing some work.

I decided to stretch the run a bit as I was feeling pretty good. One extra loop in River Commons did the trick. I headed home with the great feeling that I was entering unexplored territory as far as my fitness and running are concerned. I probably should have stuck to my original 13 mile plan, but I've got Fritz Barnes on my tail :-).

End result: 14.15 very satisfying miles.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tom . . . South Bend, IN