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Meck Schematics

Nostalgia Air is a great web source for schematics of older radios. They have quite a few Meck radios listed on their John Meck Industries, Inc. page.

Although a subscription is necessary if you want to access more, there is a nice list of Meck radios on the RadioMuseum.Org web site.

More Meck Pictures

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Meck Ads

Here are some old advertisements for Meck Radios. Click on the images for a larger view.

Meck Factory

Here's an additional interesting picture of the assembly line at Meck Radio:

Phil's Old Radios

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Meck Radios

It is always fun to find radios that were manufactured close to home. I live in northern Indiana in the city of South Bend - home of the University of Notre Dame.

A mere two dozen miles south is the town of Plymouth, Indiana - strategically located at the intersection of US Highways 30 and 31. With a major rail line following the path of US 30 as well, Plymouth has always been a mecca for manufacturers.

John S. Meck grew up in the Chicago area. Dissatisfied as a college student, John left school and ran away, only to be found later at a radio shop on Dearborn street in Chicago. (For some interesting reading, see The Mystery of John Meck)

Just prior to World War II, John went on to found John Meck Industries, Inc. in Plymouth, Indiana. The company originally manufactured phonographs and public address systems. During the war, quartz crystals for radio equipment and various other electric devices were manufactured as well. After World War II the company converted to manufacturing radios. Among its products were radios labeled with the Meck name, as well as Deluxe, Lee, MirrorTone, Trail Blazer, and Plymouth. From June 1949 Meck added commercial TV receiving sets with both 7 and 10 inch table models. The plant closed in 1956.

John Meck later went on to purchase the remnants of the E.H. Scott Company - this well after the ousting of its namesake and the company's subsequent decline into oblivion.

My Meck Radios

For Christmas of 2012 I received two radios as gifts from my family that turned out to be made by John Meck Industries.

The first one, shown above, was obviously a Meck - a small AC/DC portable with a small brass "Meck" name plate front and center at the top of the front. (You can see a bigger picture by clicking on the image.)

The radio is a Model 5D7-W18 and uses common battery set tubes - 1R5 Mixer/Osc, 1U4 IF Amp, 1S5 Det/AF Amp, and 3V4 AF Pwr Amp. Below are a couple of additional pictures showing the inside top and underside of the radio:

You can see that minimal restoration has been done to the set - electrolytic capacitors and one additional paper cap replaced (done by a previous owner.)

The second radio shown above was labeled "Plymouth" and was more of a mystery. A posting to the Antique Radio forum quickly brought the answer that the second radio was indeed manufactured by Meck and labeled with the Plymouth name. It is very similar to other Meck sets with the "Trail Blazer" name.

A small table radio with a wooden case, the "Plymouth" uses early octal tubes 35Z5, 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, and 50L6. Here is a shot of the underside of this set:

Although neither of these radios offers much in the way of looks or performance, they are interesting nonetheless, and represent some of the manufacturing history of this part of Indiana. I love them!

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