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Radio JapanNovember, 1971

Radio JapanMarch, 1971

Radio JapanAugust, 1970

Radio JapanOctober, 1970

Radio JapanJune, 1970

Radio JapanJune, 1970

Voice of Free China
January, 1969

Radio Austria
April, 1970

BBC - London

ORU - Belgium
November, 1969

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My Shortwave QSL Card Collection

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Radio Japan

Tokyo, Japan  November, 1971

For a 17 year old kid (at the time,) hearing a signal all the way from Japan was the coolest thing ever - especially since I knew Radio Japan did not use any relay stations and I was hearing a signal from Japan itself!

Radio Japan

Tokyo, Japan  March, 1971

Radio Japan always had cool QSL cards, so I sent in numerous reception reports to them to get these beauties.

Radio Japan

Tokyo, Japan  August, 1970

Radio Japan had such interesting, artistic cards.

Radio Japan

Tokyo, Japan   October, 1970

Radio Japan

Tokyo, Japan   June, 1970

A beautiful, multi-page card, printed on parchment paper. The card was issued in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Radio Japan's inauguration.

(Front of previous card)

Voice of Free China

Taipei, Taiwan   Republic of China   January, 1969

I remember being as excited as a kid could be the day the envelope from the "Voice of Free China" arrived in my mailbox.

Radio Austria

Vienna, Austria   April, 1970

Radio Austria's interval signal was one of my favorites. It was the first couple of bars of the "Blue Danube Waltz."

BBC - British Broadcasting Company

London, England

I LOVED listening to the BBC! Back then they often had many music and entertainment programs - even game shows! I was a member of their "Listener's Panel" and received questionaires to fill out regularly for years!

ORU - Belgian National Broadcasting Service

Brussels, Belgium   November, 1969

I didn't hear this station often, but I always enjoyed the friendy, chatty feeling from the program hosts.