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Chasing States - My successful quest for the ARRL's Triple Play Award

Triple Play Award

To earn the ARRL's Triple Play Award, you have to confirm via Logbook of the World, QSOs with all 50 states using CW, Phone, and Digital modes - a total of 150 contacts.Only contacts on or after January 1, 2009 count.

I was intruiged by this challenge. I don't have much of a station, but I knew that I had regularly worked nearly all states many times during contests. I'm mostly a CW and digital mode guy. I thought that if I entered a couple phone contests, I just might have a chance to earn my own Triple Play Award.

My first USA contact of 2009 was an RTTY QSO with Dwayne, KD4POJ in North Dakota. "What a good omen" I thought. Already I had one of the toughest states done on digital. I decided that I'd enter some contests and see how many of the 150 needed contacts I could get.

It was easy getting the digital contacts. I entered the RTTY Roundup the first week of the year. RTTY operators are reknown for being enthusiastic users of LoTW. Within minutes of submitting my contest loggings to the LoTW page I had a couple hundred confirmations! The next weekend I entered the NA QSO Party on CW, and then the NA QSO Party on phone and picked up most of the rest of the QSLs I needed.

While listening to an informal group of Triple Play Award hunters on 75 meters, I heard mention of a sked page for LoTW users. I checked it out and discovered the K3UK LoTW sked page. It was one of the best moments of my Ham Radio life. The sked page gave me the most ham radio fun I've had in years. I easily finished the remaining contacts I needed for the Triple Play and applied for my award.

I enjoyed K3UK's pages so much that I still check in regularly, giving Indiana contacts to others and working on my own 5BWAS and DXCC totals. Andy's page has been the center piece of my operating activity ever since.

The result? Triple Play Award #86! Here's the listing of confirmed QSOs from the ARRL LoTW Awards:

Entity 		CW 	Phone 	Digital
Alabama 	KR4F	KF4MH	KI4GKS
Alaska 		KL8DX	KL8DX	AL1G
Arizona 	K6LL	W7WW	W9NGA
Arkansas 	K5GO	W5JAY	N5ZM
California 	K6RIM	KM6HB	K6TD
Colorado 	N0KE	N0KE	K8FC
Connecticut 	K1ZZ	W1AW	K1SEZ
Delaware 	WW3DE	K1RY	K3MQ
Florida 	N4PJ	N4BP	K4ADR
Georgia 	WF4W	WF4W	K1ZZI
Hawaii 		NH7O	NH7O	KH6MB
Illinois 	N9MSG	K9CT	ND9E
Indiana 	N9ID	KB9AX	AC9X
Iowa 		N0NI	N0NI	N0NI
Kansas 		AB0S	W0BH	AC0E
Kentucky 	K4FT	ND4X	KC4WQ
Louisiana 	W5WMU	AB5YI	KI5XP
Maine 		K1LOG	K1LOG	AC1O
Maryland 	K3MM	K3WI	WA3GOS
Massachusetts 	N1BAA	N1BAA	KB1CJ
Michigan 	K8MAD	K8KWT	K8ZZ
Minnesota 	K0TI	N0HJZ	K0MPH
Mississippi 	WQ5L	W8DM	KK5OQ
Missouri 	K0OU	AC0MW	AB0RX	
Montana 	KB7Q	KB7Q	KB7Q
Nebraska 	N0OB	N0OB	K0IDT
Nevada 		N7TR	NX7F	K7SFN
New Hampshire 	K1DG	K1DG	K1RO
New Jersey 	W2JLK	W2JLK	W2YC
New Mexico 	N5UL	WA5ZUP	WA0SXV
North Carolina 	N4AF	KB4XK	N4CW
North Dakota 	W0TUP	W0TUP	KD4POJ
klahoma 	K5KA	W5IF	NX5O
Oregon 		K4XU	K7ZS	K7ZS
Pennsylvania 	K3WW	K3SEW	W0BR
Rhode Island 	N1HRA	W1GSH	KI1G
South Carolina 	K4JPG	KI4CQO	K3IXD
South Dakota 	KD0S	KD0S	K0PIR
Tennessee 	W9WI	W4CK	AB4GG
Texas 		WO5I	K5DU	AD5XD
Utah 		W7CT	K7UA	W7CT
Vermont 	KE1FO	KK1L	K1LPS
Virginia 	K1KO	KT4U	N2QT
Washington 	W7OM	K7HC	W7OM
West Virginia 	AJ1M	WA8WV	AB8RL
Wisconsin 	KB9S	KC9ECI	WE9V
Wyoming 	WY7FD	WY7FD	KO7X

It sure was a lot of fun working for this award. Now, we just need to get the ARRL to create a "Canadian Hat Trick" award for working all the provinces using the three modes specified for the Triple Play!