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ELWA - Liberia July, 1969

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation March, 1969

Radio Cairo February, 1969

Radio RSA June, 1969

Radio RSA November, 1970

Radio Togo February, 1971

Sudan Broadcasting Service January, 1971

Voice of Nigeria July, 1969

All India RadioOctober, 1970

Radio KuwaitMarch, 1971

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My Shortwave QSL Card Collection

I was 12 years old back when, for Christmas of 1967 I received a Knight Kit Star Roamer radio receiver. I jumped feet first into the radio hobby and still enjoy it to this day. I hope you enjoy viewing some of the confirmation cards (QSLs) I received back then in return for sending stations a reception report.


   Monrovia, Liberia  July, 1969

Destroyed during the 1990 crisis in Liberia, this Christian station returned to the air, only to be burned to the ground in 2011.

Radio Ghana

  Ghana Broadcasting Corporation  March, 1969

My reception report to Radio Ghana was seen by a Ghana Post Office worker who wrote me, asking for money.

Radio Cairo

  Cairo, Egypt   February, 1969

One of my favorite cards.

Radio RSA

  Republic of South Africa  June, 1969

Back then South Africa was embroiled in controversy because of their apartheid policy. They spent a lot of effort with propaganda for their cause.

Radio RSA

  Republic of South Africa  November, 1970

I remember listening to Radio RSA a lot. Their 31 meter band signal was always strong.

Radio Togo

  Lome, Togo  February, 1971

I was quite proud of this one, since my report was for a broadcast in French.

Radio Omdurman

  Sudan Broadcasting Service  January, 1971

Probably my rarest confirmation. My report was for a broadcast in Arabic.

Voice of Nigeria

  Lagos, Nigeria  May, 1969

All India Radio

  October, 1970

I remember thinking that this was a very good catch - a station from the other side of the world! I don't recall hearing them more than once or twice - even during the high sunspot years I was most active.

Kuwait Broadcasting Station

  Kuwait   March, 1971

This oil rich nation was able to build a top-notch SW BC station. They sent out very nice QSL cards too!