Rum Village Fun Run with Scott

Posted Feb 22, 2003 1:27 PM

The South Bend Parks Department had another of their Rum Village Fun Runs today. Although it was a bit cold (38F), conditions were a LOT better than 2 weeks ago when the road course was ice, snow and slush covered.

What made this run especially nice was that my 15 year old son Scott came along. Scott is a good athlete - he plays football and baseball quite well, but he hasn't had much experience running (except for wind sprints, etc.) He ran the short race (2.5 km) and I ran the long run (5 miles). Scott shot off at the start and I quickly lost him in the crowd. I was worried that he started way too fast but I certainly underestimated his ability. Scott was able to hold a 6:45 pace and finished 6th in the 2.5 K race. I finished in 40:51 in the 5 mile for a new masters PR! We both got blue 1st place ribbons. Of course we were the only ones in our respective age groups, but who's telling?

They'll have another fun run at the park in a couple weeks. Hopefully, I can get Scott to go along again. It sure added to the fun!

Tom . . . . South Bend, IN . . . . .