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Possibly the oldest antique radio web site on the internet. Phil has tons of great articles on how he restored vintage sets.There's lots of good info there, especially for newcomers to the hobby.

It is no coincidence that my restoration articles have a similar look and feel as Phil's. I love his site. If you do some exploring there, you'll be lost for days! Phil's Old Radios

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Usually, all an old tube radio needs to come back to life is a replacement of the old electrolytic and paper capacitors. A great source for these at good prices is WJOE Radio

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Silvertone Catalog #15

Silvertone Catalog #15

A Real Looker...

Sears, Roebuck & Co. got a lot of things right when they designed this 1951 Silvertone radio. Its beautiful brown bakelite cabinet was formed with lines and details that make this "Catalog #15" radio a real looker. I love its "pedestal" base, slanted grill detailing, brass accents and that artisticly shaped Silvertone "S" gracing its front.

Sears didn't skimp on performance either. With an added RF amplifier tube to the usual "All-American Five" lineup, this 6 tube radio is sensitive and receives great from one end of the AM dial to the other.

Under the hood

The Silvertone #15 is basically an "All American Five" (common 5-tube AM receiver design) with an added RF amplifier tube. This really improves the sensitivity of the set. Here's the tube lineup:

Tube Type-Function

12SK7.....RF Amplifier
12SK7.....IF amplifier
12SQ7.....Detector/1st Audio
35L6......Audio output

If you want to work on one of these little sets, Nostalgia Air has the Rider's version of the manual (From Riders Volume 22) here. It is a free download, though a donation to this great site is recommended. You may see references to the chassis number for this set. It is 132.884.


This is a pretty easy set to work on. I replaced the paper capacitors and also replaced the electrolytic capacitors with new ones. A quick alignment brought this set back to fine operation.

Underside of chassis

In Conclusion

I bought this set with the idea of fixing and shining it up and putting it up for auction on EBay. I like the looks of this early 50's set so well that I just may keep it around.

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