Beautiful, Spring Run

Posted April 13, 2003 2:02 PM

I may have run the best, most enjoyable run of my life this morning. I had planned to run 16 miles yesterday, but postponed it to today due to ball games Saturday. Good decision. I awoke to beautiful, blue skies, temps in the low 40's (but climbing to over 60) -- a magnificent and beautiful Spring day.

It was a bit chilly running into the wind as I headed out. I opted for shorts and short-sleeved T-shirt though, knowing that it would be plenty by the time I was heading back. I fell into a 9:12 pace that seemed easy and somehow managed to lock into that pace for nearly the entire run. All but a few of my 16 miles were within 10 seconds of that pace. After a while I forced myself to slow down to keep it there.

I ran South along the St. Joseph River, up to a nice river walk the city has built and along the East Race. The East Race once served to power factories along the river. Quite a few years ago the city cleared it out and built a kayak course which is used for competition. As I neared the raceway I noticed a lot of people there. They had a race going on! It was fun to see the kayakers maneuvering their way through the gates and rapids.

As I headed further along the river, I neared the University of Notre Dame's rowing facility. There was a meet going on there too. I'm not sure if the kayaking was a seperate competition or not. I wished Scottydog was running with me. He would have loved the hundreds of great-legs coeds there. I know I did.

I reached 8 miles and turned around, enjoying the river and great scenery as I headed home. I began to feel a bit ragged as I reached 14 miles, but hey, if you aren't doing some good, it would be easy. Right?

I finished the run with a 9:13 average pace. After some stretching, Gatorade, breakfast roll, and a shower, I felt great. I may even do some yard work today! Have a great Sunday everyone.

Tom . . . South Bend, IN