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Tom's Top Picks

I've spent countless hours scouring the internet for antique radio resources. If you do a little looking, you'll find lots of great antique radio web sites. Most of them have extensive links pages listing other resources, so I won't duplicate that here. What I will do is give you a list of my favorite sites in several categories. You'll find resources for identifying your radio, learning how to fix it, finding parts, etc. Here's Tom's Top Picks!

Best Web Site by an Individual:

Phil's Old Radios

Phil's site is simply amazing. I've spent hundreds of hours reading of Phil's adventures restoring radios. Phil Nelson is an avid collector and has quite an extensive collection. His site has some great pages for the newcomer just learning the ropes - most notably his pages on "recapping" radios (Recap.htm). Phil has pages with some handy projects you can build, extensive lists of links and other resources. My favorite though, is the restoration articles. Some read like detective stories, others like adventures. They all are entertaining and educational at the same time. Phil's Old Radios is the site that got me fired up about restoring old radios. It earns an A+ in my book!

Best Antique Radio Forum:

Antique Radio Forum

The Antique Radio Forum is part of a large web site with lots of resources for antique radio fans. But if you are looking for an answer to a question or want to find some fellow hobbyists to meet, the forum is the place to be. It has some of the same feel as the antique radio newsgroup, but is arranged into different rooms for more specialized discussions. Post a message and you are sure to get some quick replies. You'll find yourself visiting this site every day!

Best Source for Radio Identification:

Antique Radio Forum

I love this site. There are pages with radios to buy from various individuals, but I like the archive pages that show pictures of thousands (yes, thousands!) of radios, all arranged by manufacturer and model. Did you pick up an old Detrola, but can't find a model number? Just check the archives and find a match! You can also see some beautiful examples of cabinet restoration.

Best Source for Radio Schematics:


So you just made the winning bid on an old radio on EBay and can't wait to get started with its restoration. But wait! You need a schematic and alignment instructions. Head to Nostalgia Air. You can download .pdf files of the Rider manual for your radio for free! I like to view the schematics of radios I'm thinking about bidding on on EBay and I've also downloaded them for the radios I've purchased. I like to print them out and put each in a clear view folder. If you use this resource much, please do as I do and make a donation to Nostalgia Air. You can make your donation by PayPal!