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Possibly the oldest antique radio web site on the internet. Phil has tons of great articles on how he restored vintage sets.There's lots of good info there, especially for newcomers to the hobby.

It is no coincidence that my restoration articles have a similar look and feel as Phil's. I love his site. If you do some exploring there, you'll be lost for days! Phil's Old Radios

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Usually, all an old tube radio needs to come back to life is a replacement of the old electrolytic and paper capacitors. A great source for these at good prices is WJOE Radio

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Zenith Model J615

This radio is a real eye-catcher. I put in a last minute bid on an EBay auction for this radio, thinking that I'd never get it, but I won! I love the "bullseye" dial on this model. The speaker is located central on the radio, behind the dial! Even without any restoration this radio played great from the start.

When I pulled the chassis for a look at the insides, I was amazed that no restoration had previously been done to this unit. I was also ashamed of myself for being so rash to try the radio out without inspecting it. Although the power cord looked ok on the outside, when I pulled the chassis out, I could see that the insulation was badly cracked and broken away where it entered the set. I'm lucky I didn't fry something or trip a breaker. I'll be more careful in the future.

Although there are a few minor scratches in the bakelite case, I'm amazed at how well this radio has withstood the test of time. It polished up beautifully. This Zenith model was manufactured in 1952 - two years before I was born. Besides still looking great, it is one of the best sounding of my AM tube radios.

This is not exactly an "All American 5" radio. It has 6 tubes. Here's the lineup:

Converter 12BE6
Detector/AF 12AT6
AF Power Amp 35L6GT
Rectifier 35Z5GT

This radio now sits in our living room, proudly displayed along with some favorite family photos. I like to rotate different radios I've worked on to this spot for display, but I have a feeling that this one will stay there for a while. It just looks too good to replace!

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